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Portugal is outstanding for the golf and the golden sands and the clear blue sea. But what is more to offer? This Is a perfect place for a family holiday.

In Portugal you can explore the botanical gardens on their breath-taking island of the Madeira or even spot Whales in the Azores, whatever is your cup of tea… We have brilliant deals for winter and sun deals for holiday of your dream.

The Algarve

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, is the top family destination in Portugal, with the beautiful sands that they have and the breath-taking scenery, long strolls, it’s always hot, dry and warm winters will make it the perfect destination all year around.


This place is home to the famous cake and wine, this island of Maderia is on the stunning coast of Portugal. If you fancy the long strolls, outstanding scenery and fantastic weather… this is the place for you! Perfect place for couples or anyone who wants to stretch their legs.


Lisbon is one of Europe’s top coolest capitals, it is the perfect city break for the historic and elegant with it also being the capital with Atlantic beaches, making the most of both places on your holiday.

The Azores

This part of Portugal is located off the coast with their nine volcanic islands of The Azores are if you love adventure, walking and romance. This is based in the middle of the ocean and between two continents, why not go whale watching? Bird watching? Or even horse riding? Feel like it’s your own paradise.